Ariston Gas Geyser 24L LPG Outdoor



This unit requires a 230V electrical connection to function and consumes up to 60W. For an off grid solution the use of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit is recommended.

The Next outdoor evo water heater has precision the following to offer:
Precision temperature control – Precise temperature control with constant temperature output
Extra Saftey – Post ventilation system & overheat sensor for safety
Anti-freezing technology
Low pressure start – Low pressure start from as low as 10 kPa (0,1 bar) pressure
Electric Ignition – Needs mains connection or can be operated on generator / inverter / PV / computer UPS
2 year warranty – Two year warranty if this appliance is installed by a Registered LP Gas Installer as per the requirements of SANS 10087-1

REMOTE CONTROL (with 30m cable)

The modulating fan is positioned below / before the burner. This influences several performance factors as follows:

Precision Temperature Control –
The premix modulating fan in combination with the high modulation ratio multi-stage burner creates precise temperature control within 1 deg Celsius.
High Gas Efficiency (> 90%) –
With the premix fan pushing air through the burner, gas is used at the optimum level giving you more heat per unit of gas used.

Hot water outlet 1/2 inch

Gas inlet 3/4 inch
Cold water inlet 1/2 inch

Warranty Conditions:
This LP Gas geyser have to be installed by a Qualified LP Gas Installer. A valid LPgas COC have to be presented for the geyser installation, for your warrantee to be valid.



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