Cascade Hose Kit with Periperal Pump 0.37kW 230V



The Booster Pump & Tank Connector Kit Is A Diy Solution For You To Pressurise And Automate Your Water Supply From A Water Tank. The Pump/Hose Unit Fits Seamlessly Onto Your Water Tank; Providing Sufficient Flow For A Garden Sprinkler; Hosepipe Connection; Or Even A Small Household Application With A Run Dry Protection. Flow Rate 1320L Per Hour At 2Bar.
1 Year Warrantee – Suction Principles Apply.
Contents: 2 X Camlock Insert Male Adaptor 25Mm; 2 X Camlock Screwed Male Adaptor 25Mm; 1 X Galvanised Elbow 90degrees celsius Mxf 25Mm; 2 X Hose Clamp Galvanised 20-32Mm; 1 X Hose Connector 20/25Mm; 2 X Nylon Nipple 25Mm; 1 X Nylon Reducing Bush 40X25Mm; 1 X Pipe Kanaflex 25Mm X 300Mm; 1 X Pump Peripheral with Flow Control Cascade 0.37Kw 230V; 2 X Pvc Ball Valve 25Mm


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