Cascade Peripheral Pump 0.37KW With Flow Control 230V


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Cascade volumetric water pumps are able to offer high pressures in relation to comparatively low powers and have particularly steady operating curve pressure performance. Use clean water, or non-aggressive liquids only, without sand or other solid impurities. Suitable for small homes, rainwater harvest water supply, small air conditioner installations and automatic water sprinkler systems.

Operating Condotions:
– Suction lift up to 6 – 8 m with foot valve
– Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar
– Maximum ambient temperature: + 40°C
– Liquid temperature up to + 60°C

– Insulation Class B
– Protection IP44
– Single-phase power supply with capacitor permanently activated
– Internal thermal protector
– Speed of rotation: 2850 rpm

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 22 × 48 × 26 cm


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