Gas Conversion Kit for 5kVA to 7.5kVA Generator


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– Don’t let Loadshedding and Petrol Price increases leave you in the dark.
– Convert your petrol generator over to gas with this conversion your generator can work with gas or petrol.
– By converting your generator over to gas you will save up to 70% on generating costs
– Get your dual fuel carburetor today and start saving money running on Gas.
– With this system you can run on gas and petrol for a backup when your Cylinder is empty.
– With this system you can run your Generator for 18 hours for only R320.00 on a 9KG Gas Cylinder.
– Save up to 70% on Generating power when eskom can’t supply you with power
– You will recover your initial cost in no time.
– What is the advantages of gas generator.
– Cost run the generator is Less than with petrol.
– Cleaner than other fuels.
– More efficient.
– Lower emissions.
– No emission odours, unlike generators powered by petrol.
– Helps to reduce costs when used to power homes and businesses.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 23 cm


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