Major Tech True RMS 600A AC Clamp Meter (MTD70T)

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The MTD70T True RMS 600A AC Clamp Meter is a useful tool that allows you to safely test for electrical problems, motor’s condition and current on appliances. Equipped to test any electrical circuit without disconnecting any wires. Handy features include a backlit LCD display and flashlight for working in dimly lit areas. The NCV Non-Contact Voltage detector is useful for a quick check to see if voltage is present on circuit under test. Measures 0.001A to 600A AC, DC and AC Volt, Resistance, Continuity buzzer and Diode Test. This 600A AC Clamp Meter ha a 28mm Jaw opening and accessories include carrying case and test leads.

Features :
Measures AC Current, AC Volt, DC Volt and Resistance
Measures current to 600 Amps without breaking the circuit
Resolution to 1mA AC Current
28mm conductor size
2000 count LCD display with backlight
Continuity and buzzer test
Data hold functions
Auto power off
Low battery indication

DC Voltage: 200mV – 2V – 20V – 200V – 600V
DC Voltage accuracy: ±(0.5% + 5d)
AC Voltage: 200mV – 2V – 20V – 200V – 600V
AC voltage accuracy: ±(1.0% +5)
AC Current: 2A – 20A – 200A – 600A
AC Current accuracy: ±(2.0% +5)
Resistance: 200ohm – 2kohm – 20kohm – 200kohm – 2Mohm – 20Mohm
Resistance accuracy: ±(0.8% + 1d)
Continuity: Buzzer sounds at approx. 50ohm
Diode Test: Test current 0.8mA, open circuit voltage 2.2V
Power source: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Dimensions: 185 x 65 x 37mm
Weight: 280g


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