Speroni Pump Vsd Pressure S/S 2.2Kw


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Speroni Pump Vsd Pressure S/S 2.2Kw – The VSD Ensures Soft Stop And Soft Start Of The Pump; It Eliminates Water Hammer; Reliable and energy-efficient.

Speroni Pump Vsd Pressure S/S 2.2Kw. Easy To Set Vsd; That Ensures A Constant Pressure By Regulating The Speed Of The Motor As The Demand Varies. Dry Run Protection Included. Can Save Energy From 20% To 50%. Water Pressure Constant: By Supplying Constant Water Pressure; This Prolongs The Service Life Of The Pipe Network. Easy Installation: It Can Be Accustomed To Various Environments And Pump Installations. Simple Operation: Fool-Style Operation; All Functions Can Be Finished By A Button; No Need For Any Professional Staff To Troubleshoot. Motor Soft Start: Improving Power Factor And Prolonging The Service Life Of The Water Pump. Wide Voltage Range: The Pump Can Work Stably When The Voltage Range Is 160V-250V. Highly Integrated Design: Combining The Inverter System; Control; Protection; Cooling And Sensor System. The Vessel Ensures The Pump Can Switch Off If There Are Small Leaks On The System. The Air Pressure Must Be Maintained At 60% Of Set Water Pressure To Ensure Correct Operation.


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