Geyserwise TSE Geyser Controller Kit


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Operating voltage: 230VAC/ 50Hz
Main relay contact rating: 20AMP (max 4kW)
Operating voltage range: 160V – 250V AC
Temperature display range: 0 – 99°C
High-temperature warning: 84°C
Temperature setting range: 30 – 65°C (heating water electrically)
Dry heat detection: Empty cylinder
Temperature tolerance: ± 2%
Temperature differential setting: 1°C
Switching differential temperature: 6°C
Temperature probe range for geyser: -30 to + 130°C

What’s in the box
1 x Geyserwise TSE Geyser Control Box
1 x Geyserwise TSE Geyser Programmable Timer
1 x Geyserwise TSE Geyser Electronic Thermostat


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