Kaufmann 1200W Swimming Pool Pump


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Voltage: 220-240 50 Hz.
Input power: 1200 W / 1.5 HP.
Max Head: 15 m.
Max. Suction: 3 m.
Max Flow: 365 l/min.
Fitting size: 50 mm.

The motor is completely waterproof, safe and reliable.
Thermal protector.
Insulation class: F.
Protection class: IPX5.
The motor allows to work continuously.
The design of the Casing cover nut can be disassembled easily.
With large capacity of basket volume.
Be proof against swimming pool chemicals.
The pump’s wet parts are reinforced with engineering plastics.
Water pump drainage installation.
Equipped with check valves to prevent backflow.

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Dimensions 59 × 22 × 29 cm


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