Steenvas Multi Purpose Adhesive


This Is Used In Heavy And Light Industrial; Engineering; Mechanical And Diy Applications. Multi Purpose Epoxy Adhesive.

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Steenvas Multi Purpose Adhesive  St100  2X200ml Kit

High-quality epoxy adhesive – Multi purpose use, including repairs, bonding, filling, sealing, molding, and abrasion resistance

What makes STEENVAS adhesives unique?

  • STEENVAS has the exclusive right to the filler used in the STEENVAS ST100 adhesive.
  • Our unique filler consists of specific heavy minerals that form a dense layer of molecules with the specialized epoxy compounds when applied.
  • Each grain of mineral within the filler has a natural organic fat and natural hardener which forms a unique reaction with the epoxy binder. This results in an extraordinary and superior adhesive product with excellent adhesion, strength, durability, life span and
  • results in the product being highly resistant to pressure, wear, corrosive and other aggressive agents such as acids, alcalies and
  • escretements.
  • The product absorbs energy very fast and realises it slowly and homogeneously. It is not flammable and environmental and health hazards do not occur during application or use.
  • STEENVAS  ST100 gets extremely hard and can take up to 100 Bar of pressure.
  • Heat: -40 Degrees Celsius to 140 Degrees Celsius.

STEENVAS is widely used in the irrigation, building, construction, automotive, pipeline and engineering fields and has high repairing, bonding, filling, sealing, isolating, moulding and abrasion properties.

Steenvas Multi Purpose Adhesive – Cold Welding; Adhesive And Filler In One. Has High Repairing; Bonding; Filling; Sealing; Moulding And Abrasion Properties. Anchoring Bolts And Rails In Concrete. Repairing Of Automotive And Mechanical Parts And Equipment. Can Be Moulded; Painted; Tapped And Sanded. Excellent Resistance To Water ( Fresh And Sea); Most Solvents- Petrol; Diesel; Benzene; Alcohol; Chemicals; Acids And Alkalis; Mineral Oils; Fats; Grease And Aliphatic Solvents. Bonding Wood; Aluminium; Pvc; Nutec; Glass; Stone; Concrete; Iron; Stainless Steel And Copper.


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